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In their own words

Beach Therapy® Gets Results

Below are stories from clients who experienced big shifts in their lives while on the beach during their vacations or off the beach online and afterwards. I hope you feel inspired and hopeful that such change is possible for you…because it is. The right tools and the right environment can make all the difference between having a nice vacation that fades from memory or experiencing a major life transformation!

"It was life changing..."

Marilyn F. Clearwater, Florida

“I tried three different grief counselors with no success so I decided to try Beach Therapy® and I am so glad I did! Justin immediately realized that I needed to be kind to myself in order to forgive myself and find the peace I so desperately needed. He guided my thoughts, helped me realize how important it is to not just be kind to others, but to be kind to YOURSELF and part of that kindness is forgiveness. I was given some exercises to do when I got home and to be honest, it was emotionally difficult for me but I did it and It was LIFE CHANGING for me because I now have the tools I need to cope with my grief. When it begins to swell up in my heart I allow my mind to drift to the beach. The sound of the ocean, the feel of the sand, the gifts of self kindness, forgiveness and peace. I whole heartedly recommend Beach Therapy® to everyone because who can’t use some self love, forgiveness, kindness and peace in their life?”

"...learned and laughed so much..."

Gianna D. London, England

“I have worked with several therapists and coaches over the years, and never before have I learned and laughed so much in so little time. I have made several important changes in my life and have benefited greatly from Beach Therapy®, as well as from Justin’s gentle guidance. He was very collaborative throughout and I loved how he was able to tailor the sessions to exactly what I needed at the time. I always felt like he had my best interests at heart.”

"...provided a breakthrough."

Gina H. Honolulu, Hawaii

“I recommend Beach Therapy® with Justin if you are looking for a transformation in your life. The ocean is cleansing and the exercises Justin leads are truly impactful! And best yet, he provided a breakthrough as I had a huge shift in perception.”

"One session can change your life!"

Amy L. California

“I immediately liked Justin and felt comfortable telling him all about why I needed calm in my life (it look some time). One session can change your life! I’ve been continuing my practice at home, especially when I need a “mommy time out.”

"This is amazing work."

Phyllis L. Honolulu, HI

“I knew immediately that I’d be in the hands of a pro, as he was already there to greet me and on our brief walk to the shore, his welcoming words and calm presence put me immediately at ease. He taught me to breathe with the rhythm of the waves and followed with a session that brought me new insights, as well as the surprising satisfaction of sharing them with a good listener. He had studied the pre-session questionnaire I’d completed, shaped the activities and areas of inquiry around them. I can still recall the sound of the waves, the feel of the sun and the sand, the shapes we saw and the meaning we found in them. And I continue to draw on this Beach Therapy® session for inspiration and comfort. Thank you, Justin, for your kind, generous, and masterful guidance. This is amazing work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”

"...kind, empathetic, and caring person..."

Linda B. England, UK

“I can’t really express sufficiently what a kind, empathetic, and caring person Justin is. Justin doesn’t see people as manualized or a diagnosis, he sees people. I would recommend Beach Therapy® to anyone, including my friends and family.”

"Just what I needed..."

Angela M. Cornwall, UK

“Just what I needed at a difficult time – brings me inner peace and helps me to stay in the moment. Justin is an incredible man.”

"...extraordinary experience..."

Wendy B. Dunedin, Florida

“Usually I do not like guided meditation and prefer unguided, but during Justin’s guided meditation, I had an extraordinary experience which I will never forget. He has a soothing presentation and this may guide you to your own wonderful experience. Try it.”

"...blessed to meet him."

Liz C. Dunedin, Florida

“Justin brought Beach Therapy® to Florida and I was blessed to meet with him. Our beach session helped me gain clarity on aspects of my life. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in gaining greater insight into themselves.”

"...coming to my rescue..."

Elana M. England, UK

“Ah Beach Therapy® ! I became ill with pneumonia earlier this year and was unexpectedly admitted to hospital. I was suddenly dependent and unsure what was happening, which thankfully turned out to be nothing much we didn’t already know but it was scary. One night I was feeling particularly vulnerable and weak but suddenly the clear waters of a recent beach therapy image came into my mind. I could see the pale ocean so clear the sand was visible under foot, I could hear the gentle splash of the waves foaming in the bubbling sand and suddenly I felt calm and could even feel the warm breeze and sun on my skin. Amazingly it made me feel better. I have made a good recovery now and am grateful to Beach Therapy® for coming to my rescue when I needed it!!”

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