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The golden handcuff syndrome: I thought I had it all: good paycheck, job security, nice place to live and great circle of friends. On the outside, I was happy. On the inside, I was miserable.

I lived for vacations, especially ones to the beach. At the beach I felt calm, balanced, and like my real self. But within a week of my return it was like I had never left.

At 22 I decided to make a change. I went to Hawaii, alone and overwhelmed, but hoping for healing and clarity. Unfortunately, my emotional baggage followed me to paradise and in spite of loving the beach, I was still lost and confused.

Then something happened. At my wit’s end, I let go…let go of trying to control everything, let go of trying to be the right thing to the right people, let go of trying to feel how I thought I was supposed to feel.

When I looked around me with this new awakening, I saw the beach, for the first time, for what it truly was: a place to heal, a place to calm, a place to inspire.

The beach opened my heart and eyes in ways I never knew before. In that moment, I felt at one with the beach and with myself. What the beach had done for me I wanted to share with others. I knew my purpose in life: Beach Therapy®.

In time I broke free of the golden handcuffs and became a certified therapist and coach. I then received specialist training in mindfulness and neuroscience that changed my mind, life, and career for good.

I finally understood how our minds work in ways that can foster real change…and I discovered why the beach in particular is such a powerful force in opening the door to that change and making it last.

Today I help people get the very most out of their getaways–to use the beach to change their lives–and I show them exactly how to take that feeling home with them. The change may begin in the sand under the sun, but with the right tools in place you can take the best version of yourself into every corner of your life.

And for a small group of visitors, I can show you how it’s done, free of charge. For a few lucky people I’m making my Intro to Beach Therapy Session absolutely free. You’ll discover what Beach Therapy® is all about and how it can help you finally create the life you’ve always wanted to live, but in a brand new way. To grab your spot while room is available, click the button below.

Professional Bio

Justin Miller, board certified coach, cognitive behavior therapist and registered counselor, has over 20 years experience in the USA, UK, Japan and worldwide helping people learn how to rewire their brains and change their lives in as short a period of time as possible.

His specialty is utilizing the best of the old (mindfulness and imagery practices which have helped people for thousands of years) with the best of the new (applied neuroscience, compassionate mind training and ecotherapy research).

He is one of only 100 people worldwide to have completed the prestigious year-long intensive specialist training in Compassionate Mind Training at the University of Derby. Justin has worked at London’s top hospitals, clinics, colleges and the UK’s leading mental health charity as a senior therapist, supervisor, trainer, teacher and coach.

Beach Therapy® is the culmination of years of experience, combined with solid beach science research and a passion for helping others experience the beach and themselves in life-changing ways.


Board Certified Coach | Registered Counselor | Mindfulness Guide | Eco-Therapist | Accredited CBT Therapist

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