Free Beach Therapy® Session

Beach Differently. Live Differently.

For a few lucky people each month, I’m making my Intro to Beach Therapy Session available at no cost! During our session, I’ll reveal a brand new way (Beachfulness™) to connect with the beach on a much deeper level that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I’ll also help you avoid the common obstacles that get in the way of having your dream vacation. To secure your spot while it’s still available, schedule your session now. #BeachWishes

Ready to have the best beach experience...and take it with you?

Click below to apply for your complimentary session. Spaces are limited.

"...provided a breakthrough."

Gina H. Honolulu, Hawaii

“I recommend Beach Therapy® with Justin if you are looking for a transformation in your life. The ocean is cleansing and the exercises Justin leads are truly impactful! And best yet, he provided a breakthrough as I had a huge shift in perception.”

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