From Beach Vacation to Life Transformation

Where Mindfulness, Coaching, Neuroscience & Fun, Change Your Life at the Beach

From Beach Vacation to Life Transformation

Where Mindfulness, Coaching, Neuroscience & Fun, Change Your Life at the Beach

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What Happens When Your Beach Vacation Ends?

Love counting the days until your beach vacation begins but hate counting down until you return to "real life"?

Dread Returning to "Real Life"

Do you dread having to leave paradise behind and return to your “real life”? With Beach Therapy®, you can take the beach with you!

Sad to Leave Your True Self

Do you feel your most authentic self when at the beach? Wouldn’t you love to feel that way everywhere and always?

Anxious & Overwhelmed

Do you feel anxious knowing your vacation is coming to an end? With Beachfulness™, you can erase that stress for good.

Welcome to Beach Therapy®

For over 20 years, I've helped people just like you go from surviving to thriving.

I know how you feel. I lived for beach vacations. I arrived, felt truly happy and, more important, I felt truly myself. Then I boarded the plane home and the sadness returned. I went on living for the next vacation.

I thought this was normal. Everyone is happier at the beach, but you can’t live that way. Oh, how wrong I was.

I discovered Beach Therapy® and my life has never been the same. I learned how to bring the beach with me, no matter where I went, and as a trained Beach Therapist, I now help other people do it too. 


Board Certified Coach | Registered Counselor | Mindfulness Guide | Eco-Therapist | Accredited CBT Therapist

Change your relationship to the beach & yourself forever.

Beach Therapy® is unlike anything else you could do, try or buy on or off the beach. Let’s face it, after all the time, money and energy spent in planning our beach vacations, we finally arrive in paradise–desperately needing relaxation, rejuvenation and wanting to leave with lives transformed–but spend our time stressed and dreading the day we have to depart.

If only we knew how to fully enjoy the vacation and bring that beachful joy and relaxation home with us. Using our signature Beachfulness™ method, now you can.

We show our clients how to deeply relax and make lasting life changes while having lots of fun and being grounded in the present moment in a way they never thought possible. Most important, they change the relationship they have with themselves and their lives. Isn’t it time you discovered how to do it too?

Become Mindful

Discover how to slow down and experience the beach in an entirely new way. Tap into the BE in beach and enjoy the best vacation of your life.

Become Healed

Give yourself the gift of self-kindness that lasts. Neuroscience + Beach Science make the beach an ideal environment for deep healing.

Become Transformed

Become the person you were born to be. Become your own inner champion and live your life with intention and purpose.

"...provided a breakthrough."

Gina H. Honolulu, Hawaii

“I recommend Beach Therapy® with Justin if you are looking for a transformation in your life. The ocean is cleansing and the exercises Justin leads are truly impactful! And best yet, he provided a breakthrough as I had a huge shift in perception.”

Beach Vacation to Life Transformation

Ready to experience the Beach & Yourself in a brand new way?

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Create Your Plan

Together we’ll create a plan to help you experience and enjoy life like never before

Change Your Life

Applying the latest beach+brain science, we’ll execute the plan and transform your life

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For a few lucky people each month, I’m making my Intro to Beach Therapy Session available at no cost! During our session, I’ll reveal a brand new way (Beachfulness™) to connect with the beach on a much deeper level that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I’ll also help you avoid the common obstacles that get in the way of having your dream vacation. To secure your spot while it’s still available, schedule your session below now. #BeachWishes

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