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Feel Like You're Merely Living for Vacations?

Wouldn’t it be great if your time at the beach actually changed your life? With Beach Therapy®, now it can. Most people spend more time planning their vacations than planning their lives. I know I did. I would put months and weeks into getting every detail just right, and when I finally arrived in paradise–despite wanting to relax and rejuvenate–I couldn’t get myself to let go and enjoy the experience. More often than not I was dreading the day I had to go home to my “real life.”

But I soon discovered a better way.

I discovered how to not only enjoy my time at the beach, but also use that time to dramatically change my life. There is great power in the beach, power most people never knew existed, and when you tap into that power things will never be the same. It happened to me and it can happen to you…through Beach Therapy®.

A Brand New Way to Change Your Life

To unlock the power of the beach, we’ve developed our signature Beachfulness™ method, where together we create a plan to help you love your life at the beach and–here’s the most exciting part–back at home. You don’t have to live for vacations when you can take the beauty and calm and comfort with you wherever you go.

Combining tried and true relaxation and meditation practices with the latest research in neuroscience and ecotherapy, we’ve developed a program over the past two decades that will help you see the beach and your life in an entirely new way, giving you all the tools you need to become your best self. 

Imagine having the most amazing experiences at the beach and then the most amazing life afterwards. I did it. You can too.

Mindfulness On & Off the Beach

Slow down, relax and experience the beach in a way you never dreamed possible...

The combination of applied neuroscience and beach science make the beach an ideal environment for deep healing to lasting change. Through the power of the beach I will help you become the person you were born to be.

Don’t listen to the myth that change has to take forever or be difficult. It doesn't.

After all, we used to think the world was flat! The paradigm has shifted and lasting life change can happen in a relatively short period of time. My two greatest passions are the beach and using its power to help people thrive.

I’m a registered counselor, cognitive behavior therapist, board certified coach, and Compassionate Mind trainer with over 15,000 hours experience helping thousands of people to thrive.

My purpose and passion is to help people just like you change their lives. And my secret to making it all happen is the beach. By combining the beach with mindfulness, neuroscience and coaching, we create a laboratory of rapid and radical life change that lasts. It doesn’t have to take forever and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Beach Therapy® is a better way.

"...provided a breakthrough."

Gianna S. London, England

“I highly recommend Beach Therapy and Justin to anyone seeking to make significant changes in their lives that stick. I have worked with several therapists and coaches over the years, and never before have I learned and laughed so much in so little time.”

Are You Ready to Thrive?

If the beach is your happy place and you’d like to discover how to use its power to change not only your beach getaways but also your entire life, I would love to hear from you! Simply submit the no pressure/no cost application below and within the next 48 hours I will carefully go through it and send you a reply with the next steps if I feel that I can be of help to you. If accepted, I will do my absolute best to create a highly tailored program just for you, helping you discover how to thrive both on and off the beach.

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